Stones of Power / Sipstrassi tales

Ghost King

(Stones of Power Book 1)

Chaos and terror stalked the realm. The king had been slain by traitors, and the sword of power had been lost beyond the Circle of Mist.
Armies of Saxons, Angles, Jutes, and Brigantes cut a gory swath across the land, led by puppets of the ruthless Witch Queen–
whose minions included dark, bloodthirsty creatures and a savage, undead warrior.
All hope lay with young Thuro–in whose veins flowed the blood of kings.
He would have to defeat the Witch Queen’s monsters and travel to the land of the Mist, there to seek a ghostly army.
And the only one who could prepare Thuro to achieve his birthright was the mountain warrior Culain,
the one man who knew the queen’s deadly secret . . .
The legend of the mystic Stones of Power begins with a tale of blood and glory, of love and betrayal,
as a boy must come of age amidst the seemingly impossible quest to become the High King.
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