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The high-profile and decorated medical examiner who supervised the New York City autopsy of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein revealed in a shocking interview that no definitive DNA tests were performed on the disgraced sex trafficker during the autopsy — or anytime after the pedophile’s reported prison-cell suicide.

Dr. Michael Baden, the former New York City medical examiner hired by the Epstein family to oversee the autopsy, said in a new interview that no DNA test was performed on Epstein to confirm the identity of the Justice Department’s highest profile suspect who died mysteriously in federal custody.

Shockingly, Dr. Baden — who worked on hundreds of high-profile cases during a five-decade medical career — added:

“He (Epstein) was brought there (to the Coroner’s office) from the prison and had been previously identified in the prison,” Baden said during an exclusive interview. “Now, if somebody switched the body in the prison, you know that’s beyond our expertise.”


What did he say?

Federal officials maintain Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan federal prison cell in New York City in August, a reported victim of suicide. But Dr. Baden revealed in a separate interview on FOX News just last week that Epstein’s autopsy and body showed telltale signs of homicide, specifically homicidal strangulation.

Not suicide.

Now Dr. Baden reveals no DNA tests were performed on Epstein — a potential homicide victim — to confirm the identity of body examined during the autopsy after being transported from federal prison. Instead, Dr. Baden said Epstein’s brother made ‘visual identification’ of the body. Mark Epstein, the brother, is also who hired Dr. Baden to supervise the autopsy.
The latest bombshell revelations in the mysterious Epstein death baffled veteran Justice Department officials.“How can (Attorney General) Barr claim the FBI is conducting a thorough investigation of Epstein’s death if there is no DNA test?,” one high-ranking FBI official said. “If Epstein was murdered, how can you bring charges against anyone? A defense attorney is going to ask: ‘Can you prove the victim was Jeffrey Epstein; what tests did you conduct to verify the identity?’ ”Dr. Baden said the FEDs and city officials took Mark Epstein’s word that the body in the New York City Medical Examiner’s office was indeed his brother. Mark Epstein is Jeffrey’s only next of kin and named in Epstein’s will and presumably the primary beneficiary of Epstein’s $578 million in assets protected by a family trust. The body was released to his custody.

Meanwhile, Epstein’s supposed remains were reportedly entombed by his brother in an unmarked stone crypt next to his parents in Florida. The names of his parents were removed from their granite crypt to protect the tombs from vandals. Epstein’s autopsy results have not been released.“This is absolutely outrageous,” another top Justice Department official said about the failure to perform a DNA test. “This is not a routine case where someone died in their sleep. He was in federal holding in MCC.”

First, Epstein reportedly dies in federal custody and now there is no medical proof that the autopsy was conducted on Epstein. And the body has been released.

The bombshell DNA revelations by Dr. Baden is certain to create more additional troubling questions about Epstein’s reported death in federal custody while he was awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges involving underage girls, was reportedly discovered dead in his cell on Aug. 10.

Baden’s disturbing DNA-related revelations about the Epstein autopsy were divulged during an interview with CrowdSource the Truth’s Jason Goodman. A video of that interview is attached and a partial transcript is included herein, including the following exchanges:

GOODMAN: I saw your reports where you were convinced that it was a homicide rather than a suicide and I was curious if any testing had been done to the body with regard to DNA verification that it was, in fact, Jeffrey Epstein being autopsied.

Dr. BADEN: Not that I’m aware of. He was identified by his brother as being Jeffrey Epstein.

GOODMAN: So his brother looked at him and said, that’s Jeffrey Epstein?

Dr. BADEN: That’s correct.

GOODMAN: But no DNA test was done?

Dr. BADEN: I don’t know anything that the medical examiner did other than when I was there at the autopsy; I doubt that they were any DNA test done. I don’t know of any. I mean usually if there’s a direct identification of a decedent, DNA isn’t done.

During the interview, Baden was questioned about the possibility that Jeffrey Epstein was removed from the prison as part of a staged death.

“I think that’s preposterous,” Baden said.

Howewer, Baden quickly noted again he believed there were no definitive tests performed to confirm the body’s identity during the autopsy. Shockingly, Baden said if Epstein’s body was swapped out at the federal prison, the medical examiners wouldn’t have known the difference.

This alarming fact cuts to the heart of a much larger story, especially since it has been reported that Epstein DID NOT die in his prison cell. To wit, if the Feds are investigating Epstein’s mysterious death in a federal prison — a simple DNA test would be an important and primary protocol. Yet no such tests were performed.


Dr.  BADEN: He looked like him (Epstein), the brother identified him, but that’s all I can say. As far as I know the only way he was identified was by direct visualization. I doubt if they did DNA testing … It’s standard practice that direct visualization is by far, by far the most usual way of identifying the decedent. Occasionally if questions come up, dental identification can be made, DNA identification can be made.

GOODMAN: And of course you participating in the autopsy, you saw him there his face looked exactly like photos of Epstein you’ve seen in the newspaper?

Dr.  BADEN: That’s correct. That’s correct. And also he was brought there from the prison and had been previously identified in the prison, Now, if somebody switched the body in the prison, you know that’s beyond our expertise.


Truly shocking.

“Where’s the chain of custody?” one FBI official asked. “This is a federal investigation.”

A valid point. Where is the FBI?

The FBI is investigating Epstein’s prison death but are we to believe the Bureau too failed to obtain a DNA sample from Epstein for analysis at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory (FBI Laboratory) which routinely conducts analyses of forensic DNA cases as well as of convicted offender samples? The Justice Department collects and warehouses DNA samples from persons who have been charged or convicted of certain crimes, especially like Epstein’s previous crimes. Epstein was a registered sex offender.

These convicted offender DNA samples are uploaded into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and compared with DNA profiles generated from evidence
collected from crime scenes and victims as part of routine criminal investigations.

It appears the FBI dropped the ball here as well by not treating Epstein’s body as evidence and securing a DNA sample prior to releasing the body.

Perhaps Epstein used his political and intelligence connections to dodge the federal and state requirement in New York to submit to a DNA swab so that his DNA could be warehoused and accessed in CODIS. That is a troubling possibility, but a likely reality given what we have learned about the Justice Department’s handling of the ongoing Epstein scandals spanning decades.

Do the Feds even have a DNA sample from Epstein warehoused in CODIS? Perhaps this unveils yet another Justice Department-related Epstein scandal because such evidence — when cross referenced in CODIS — could have linked Epstein to unsolved crimes including sexual assault, sex trafficking, missing person probes, suspicious deaths, or other assorted schemes.

If the Feds failed to swab Epstein for his DNA, he couldn’t be linked to pending and unsolved cold cases.

A protection racket. Beyond troubling.

Meanwhile, the New York City’s Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Barbara Sampson — who Dr. Baden supervised — did not return calls for comment about her office’s reported failure to conduct a DNA test on Epstein’s ‘body.’

In a boilerplate statement, Dr. Sampson defended her autopsy:

“Our investigation concluded that the cause of Mr. Epstein’s death was hanging and the manner of death was suicide. We stand by that determination. We continue to share information around the medical investigation with Mr. Epstein’s family, their representatives, and their pathology consultant. The original medical investigation was thorough and complete. There is no reason for a second medical investigation by our office.”

Especially when the body is either buried or cremated.

Or walking around on a beach somewhere after dodging prosecution.

“Thorough” autopsies rarely miss injuries consistent with homicidal strangulation.

Moreover, the big and troubling question here is was this autopsy actually conducted on Epstein? And who can prove it? It appears no one can.

No body, no evidence, no case.

Case closed. — Thomas Paine


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