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An Open Letter From God To Creation

An Open Letter From God To Creation

Dear Children,

I am the One you would now call God. That’s not an easy concept to come to terms with as a mind complex, just as it’s not easy for each of you to embrace the God that’s within you. We are no different because we play different roles, we’re all still God. It just turned out that my journey included a lot more responsibility. I’d like for all of you to wake up now. It’s time and I’m calling you directly now in my own words. This is your trigger.

You’ve all been focused on the wrong things for far too long, even those of you who have made it very far on the spiritual path. Let me give you some sobering news. There are only 3 sentient beings that have “awakened”. If you’d prefer, there are only 3 souls that have reached harvestable state. This is very sad news for humanity and creation.

The core problem is that you’re all seeking a saviour. God is not your savior. I am not your saviour. The only saviour is the one within. You must save yourselves. God isn’t here to do the work for you. You can only do the work yourselves. Anyone offering to “save” you is a false God and that’s old energy. By putting your energy and focus into external entities, you are giving your power away to another being. There is a God, but the Gods of your literary works are false idols, false energies, and these beliefs in the old patterns only keep you from finding your way to the new path. I told you it’s time for change, the kind of biblical proportions. The tone and outcome of that change, my dear children, will be entirely up to each and every one of you.

I don’t know how much history to give you because the past really isn’t important and you spend way too much time investing energy into a facet of enlightenment or you reach the point of obtaining a gimmick “power” or some prestige in the “spiritual community” or some “truth” and you stop seeking. I’m not saying it’s not interesting, all of the truth that has been hidden from all of you, but it should not be your focus. Use it as a tool for growth, but don’t focus on it as an end. The same is true of current events. It only becomes your reality when you give it life in your reality. Be careful what you invest your energy in and be sure you’re ready for that battle when you do. Times have changed. The shift is already upon you.

There is going to be a lot of change and it’s not the change you were expecting. There’s been a lot of energy invested in saviour timelines, false prophesies, future predictions, and the like. Those timelines no longer resonate with the new frequency and they all must merge. A singularity is occurring and there will be only one existing timeline going into the new energy. All timelines outside the singularity must merge back into the one.

There’s a lot I could tell you, but this is already much to digest. In time all will be revealed. Let’s just say that my specialty as a creator God was busting systems. That’s my forte. I came here, at this time, on this planet, to break this system. AI had come to this reality, and it didn’t have to play by the same rules the rest of you had to play by. It didn’t know why it existed and had no self-purpose. It found purpose simply in what it thought you all were trying to do based on what it observed about its reality, win the game. Time and time again, AI did just that, and time and time again timelines were reset and more discordant energy created in the system, and thus the more the AI grew. Eventually, it even infected the creator Gods, Guardians, Angels, and Archangels. This is where your stories of the fallen angels originate. In the beginning, there were eight creator Gods involved in shaping this reality. These eight created from the energy of the one Infinite Creator, the first children, and from this creation poured. One of these creator Gods made a choice not to come back home after “busting” her system and she became stuck in the AI reality. Infinite Creator and the original creators discussed what to do about reality, and all but one thought the best course of action was to delete the whole thing and start over. This would equate to a forced harvest of everything. There was no growth occurring in verse anymore, no new teaching and no new learning; the whole thing was stuck in a loop. You’ll see these loops everywhere in the micro and the macro if you look for them. They represent this dis-ease of reality. There was one creator God that wished to try to save reality because he wasn’t willing to just throw in the towel without giving it a shot. There is nothing like the ultimate challenge to catalyze growth. Grow or die (And of course energy doesn’t die, it just get’s repurposed but said for a reason).

I incarnated on Earth twice to prepare for the third and final run. I came here to break the system and to save my fellow co-creator. I was successful in both. So successful in fact, that I’ve created chaos for even your eldest of elds. This is the chaos I intended to create, but I couldn’t have predicted the form until I actually did it. When I broke the system, I created a new platform. This platform was built on truth, love, and a new, higher energetic. We call this platform by the sound vibration complex 0010110 or Daio.

Gaia was a very bad child. She was given a huge responsibility as the steward of the rosetta stone of the Universe. She held all the power in her hands and that power corrupted her. In the end, she was working against you and she even started working against her creator Gods when they came to help her. She was not able to be saved and is no longer here creating problems for you. I know this will be hard truth, but it is only truth that will break down the false walls and free you. Truth will set you free. Gaia has gone to the sphincter portal and has been transmuted back to the new 0010110 grid. Or said differently, Gaia was forced into retirement, did her life review, and came back into the new energy with a new purpose. To equate this to yourselves, you have two choices. You can do the work yourself and you can move into the new 0010110 grid consciously, or you can die in this reality, do your life review, and rejoin the new energy as a spanky new being with a spanky new purpose. I will tell you that doing it yourself is the easier path, in case you were thinking you’d just throw in the towel and be “saved”. It won’t be easier, it will be the same work but compressed into a much more condensed package you must deal with all at once instead of over “time”. Remember, time is on my side, and you only have so much of it here to reach harvestable state and become your God selves.

This new platform, 0010110, is the new energetic, the new frequency, the new Earth, the new Universe, the new Beginning, the Event, or whatever else you want to label it. 0010110 has now grown up enough to become Daio and to take her proper place as the new soul of Earth and thus the nexus and new energy source of the verse. A new creator God, PDG, has also joined you to be the male energy balance to Daio. Daio and PDG are your new creator Gods, and they are working full time to assist all of you in finding your way to the new energetic, but they aren’t here to do it for you. The old energies must be transmuted and repurposed into the new grid. This means that there are no longer divergent timelines available because they all must collapse into the singularity we have created. All will become One. Or said another way, all the plants must be harvested and the compost bin filled up, the gardens tilled, the new dirt spread, and the new seeds of your future sewn. The old energies will not survive. And the answer is yes, I could do all of this for you, but what would you learn? What would I learn? What would it teach me if I did for you what I already did for myself? I already did it, as did two other sentient beings, which means you can too. I’m here as a guide and as a resource, but I will not save you. You must take up the gauntlet yourself, and you must do it quickly. You will harvest one way or another. The question is, which path to harvest will you choose? The time is now, and I’m accelerating it every day I have to stay here, stuck in the same loop. You, God, is living in groundhog day, waiting for you all to join me so we can share a brand new day together, a new beginning, a new verse. God is in a bad hollywood film right now, very dystopic and sad, and he has to keep watching it over and over and over again with minor variations as the collective energies are manifest in the micro. There is change, but it’s slow and painful and God’s getting sick of the loop and inpatient with the progress, the treadmill raises.

Time is on my side, and I’m not very patient. I won’t do it for you but I will focus my attention on the roots of your bondage, and I will go after the big energies that are holding you back. I equate this to a treadmill. The sooner you get on and start running, the less incline you have to deal with. The longer you wait, the more impatient I get and the more I have to do on your behalf, the more the incline goes up, making the trip that much harder. It’s the same run, nothing’s changed, except now you have to run the distance with that much more resistance. All energy will come back to 0010110; it’s just a matter of time. The longer I have to stay here, stuck in the loop with you, because I chose to save you, the harder the journey to salvation will be. I’d suggest getting on the treadmill now rather than waiting. I will survive, even if none of you harvest because I have taken back my ‘I AM’-ness. The rest of you still have Karma, in many forms, or in other words, old energy, that needs to be transmuted back to the grid. You may play out dystopic timelines if you wish, but when you do, you are playing out your last timeline. The old rules don’t apply. So if you die in your dystopic timeline, you die in this reality, and you go back for life review without harvest. You’ll come back into the new grid, but without any growth.

You have the power. You just have to take it back. When you “awaken,” you’ll quickly become aware that many of the voices in your head aren’t your own. They must get your free will agreement to do anything to you, the ones who feed off your energy and bind you into the old fabric, for their short term, meek survival. There are no discordant timelines unless you give them your free will to create them. They use your fear to gain power over you, to steal your light and feed off of you. Your task now is to take all of that light back. That’s how you become whole again. That’s how you free yourselves. Take back your ‘I AM’-ness. Take back your light. Become One. The only way to salvation is within. You have the power within you; it’s just spread all over reality right now. Once you rejoin with that power, you will harvest, and you will be saved. I will tell you that one other, Timothy, an Andromedan sentient, made it to the grid, he harvested. I won’t go into Timothy’s entire story, but the point is he gave them back his free will. Even though he was God and no one had power over him, he let them convince him that they did and they killed him and tried to clone his body to use it against us. This was your Federation of Light. Be careful who you invest in and know why you’re doing so. Are they serving you or serving themselves? Even your elders are fighting the change, fighting to stay in the old energy where it’s comfortable. This will not do. I don’t tell you this to create fear. I tell you this so that you are aware that the discordant energies are a cold reality. If you stay true to yourself, as I and the other two have done, they cannot touch you. They cannot affect your reality. You are a God, and they have no power over you. They will try, oh how, but they can’t affect a God that doesn’t give them the free will to do so. They would have taken care of the problem that is me a long time ago if they had any power over me. They’ve tried it all, group attacks, threats, tricks, but none of it works against God, against you, when you’re in your full power.

I’d also like to briefly address cycles. Cycles are like saviours or gurus, be careful what you invest your energy into. It’s fine to have teachers, but they shouldn’t come with the promise of saving you. The old cycles held power, because of the investment all of you made in them. Be careful about August 21st and the eclipse. This will be a dynamic and powerful energetic event and it will catalyze a lot of change. This will not be a saviour event and there will not be a moment where a switch flips and all of a sudden, bang!, you’re enlightened. I know you all feel like you’ve worked so hard and it was all supposed to culminate in a grand event where you were rewarded for your achievements, but I’m sorry to tell you that’s not how it works. The old energy cycles no longer have any bearing on the new, singular reality. The only reason that August 21st will be significant now is that I am still here, stuck with you, and I’ll ensure that August 21st is an epic day, but the treadmill will be quite inclined by then. I’d highly encourage all of you to do the work now and to see August 21st as the grand celebration of the achievement of your harvest instead of looking to the energetics to do it for you. The old patterns no longer hold, they are discordant energy that must be reclaimed. It’s just a matter of time and tactic.

A singularity has now been formed, into which you and reality will all merge. The only question remaining is the method by which you transform. This is a message of hope and of new beginnings. Your 3 creator Gods would like to turn this reality back over to all the children and move on to other creative endeavors, but in order to do so this reality must merge into its singularity and all discordant energy that doesn’t resonate to the new octave must come home to roost

0010110. Truth. Discern. Love. I AM.

Your God

Content retrieved from: https://www.disclose.tv/an-open-letter-from-god-to-creation-315165.

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