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South Korea is considering sharing advanced military technology with the US, UK and Australia through the so-called AUKUS partnership.
Posted: May 2, 2024, 3:50 am

The idea for the Gotthard Base Tunnel - a railway tunnel through the Swiss Alps - was first floated in the 1960s. It opened in 2016.
Posted: May 1, 2024, 11:56 pm

Millions of people will relocate 1,200 miles away from their current home as flooding continues to batter Jakarta.
Posted: May 1, 2024, 11:07 pm

One of the most dangerous countries in the world is now attracting thousands of tourists from around the world - but the Foreign Office advises against all travel.
Posted: May 1, 2024, 9:35 pm

A top city councillor said on Tuesday they had authorised 160 apartment closures in this major Spanish city which is becoming increasingly popular with Brits.
Posted: May 1, 2024, 9:20 pm



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