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“Antarctica Is The Place Where Fallen Angels Are Still Alive But Locked In”

Interesting Claim: “Antarctica Is The Place Where Fallen Angels Are Still Alive But Locked In”

A recent movie was made and published by an Israeli news reporting channel. The film is titled “Fallen Angels are locked in Antarctica and Are Still Alive,” According to them, it is an unbiased view of the conspiracy theory.


Most theorists around the globe were pretty skeptical about it, as most news reporting channels don’t wish to delve too deep into these theories. Still, luckily, the movie was quite well made.

You can tell that the creators put a lot of time and thought into it, especially the commentator Steven Ben-Nun who speaks of his own experience studying the apocryphal script The Book of Enoch.


The Book of Enoch showcases the story of how Enoch became the intermediary between the Fallen Angels and the Angels of Justice.

The two races were fighting one another because the Fallen Angels wished to procreate with human females, and after doing so, they created the Nephilim, also known as the Giants.


The Giants dethroned the Fallen Angels, and, in this movie, they claim that the Fallen Angels’ base Mount Hermon was then taken over by the Giants. According to the film, the Fallen Angels are now locked somewhere in Antarctica, and we need to find out where they are so we can release them or at the very least study them.

Source: https://news156media.com/


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