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Pakistani migrants vow to storm guards EVERY DAY

HUNGER STRIKING migrants have refused to move from a shut Schengen border, insisting they WILL find a way to break through.

The Hungarian border is filled with migrants

About 130 migrants have made it from Serbian capital Belgrade to the border with Hungary where they have claimed they have been attacked by border guards and are calling on the EU nation to let them in.

Most are hoping to make it to Germany after fleeing their homeland.

Mahmud has already been sent back to Bulgaria from Germany, under Dublin Regulation rules, because he was first registered there he must seek asylum there.

But he is determined to try again.

He told Hungarian news site, Index.hua: “The border really shouldn’t be opened but we would rather if it wouldn’t take months for the authorities to make a decision about our applications.

“We were taken back to Sofia by plane.

“In the migrant camp we were given food but nothing else. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay there anyway, I didn’t even try to file my application.

“It would take me years there to settle down, and I wouldn’t have money or work there during that period. Now I am heading to Italy.”


Migrants are trapped in Serbia by Hungary

Pakistani migrant Ali said he is also determined to reach Germany after moving through Serbia.

He claims he was caught along with eight other migrants, pushed to the ground, kicked, and forced back to the Serbian side of the fence the last time he made it across.

Pointing to a wound on his head, Ali also claims Hungarian police showed him a letter in Urdu, stating that they can file a complaint if they wanted to.

He said they will not stop trying.

He said: “We will try to cross the border tomorrow again. And then again and again.

“Even if we did have a passport that wouldn’t change anything.

“If they said they will let me in if I had a passport, I would get one. But we wouldn’t get a visa. And we are traceable via our fingerprints anyway.”




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