Voters have a “lemming disorder”


Comment taken from uk.news.yahoo.com

,,,,, in all Western countries, politicians have learned that they can do or say whatever they want and that no matter how badly it affects the people or the country, the same sheeple will still vote for them…. That is why they treat people with disdain. The trouble is that no matter how these sheeple are shown proof of how useless and corrupt the politicians they vote for really are, they refuse to believe that truth and continue to support those same politicians that have let them down for decades. I am convinced they all have a “lemming disorder” and we see it in many, many countries, such as the USA where many are voting for the owned and controlled fully establishment supported Hilary Clinton. Now I am not saying the choice of Trump is a brilliant one, but sticking with the same establishment means NOTHING will change.
The majority in Germany still support Merkel – unbelievably and we even still have millions of dumb sheep in the UK supporting the same three lying, useless, corrupt parties that have got the UK into the shyte it is in today between them – lab/con/lib of course, with the SNP determined to ruin Scotland completely and with the hard support of about 60% of the people to do so.

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