Hilary Clinton Poem

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She wears her lies, like a rusted crown.
Her head held high as she puts truth down.
Words flowing liked muddied streams,
Laughing at our prayers, hopes, dreams.
Choose me, her practiced voice proclaims,
As she offers no truth just lies and games.

Her pockets filled with those that died,
And laughs at those who fought and tried
Who left their homes and lives and fought
To protect her crown, not earned but bought
Those sent to help us turned out to find
The people they trusted had left them behind

The crown on her head still sparkles like gold
The true value tarnished when our safety was sold.
She tightens it harder, her evil just grows.
Few people speak up, but everyone knows.
Money was stolen from people in need.
To change truth to lies, to reinforce greed.

And in this fake kindness tue life disappears.
Our voice might be silenced for several more years.
How long can a conscience be put off like trash
As she takes our proud country and sells it for cash.
Hold up our strength, don’t make lies true,
She works for herself, not our country or you.

The writer of this poem Tatiana Adler gave permission to share.



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