Is The Muslim Brotherhood trying to destroy Western Civilization?


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My Dear Brits

Control of the EU borders was necessary for Mad Merkel to open the doors to millions upon million of fighting age terrorist muslim males under the disguise of “Refugees”

Not only that but Blair, Brown and Cameron caused a massive strain on your British economy opening the doors to a huge number of unchecked economic migrants

This is an Invasion. Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, Blair, Brown, Bushes, Bill Clinton, Obama and now Hilary are under the control of the Globalists. You’re not supposed to “know” your country is being invaded, but you do

Merkel and Brussels and even May is holding on tight to the EU failure in hopes that HITLERy will be elected on November 8

Hilary is taking donations from the Muslim Brotherhood through her Clinton Foundation and was doing their every bidding for the Muslim Brotherhood as Secretary of State. Look up Huma Abedin, a Shariah Law Muslim Extremist, Hilary’s Right Hand

Barack “””HUSSEIN””” Obama is an infiltrator who used the “I’m an unfortunate black man card” to become President. The naive Americans fell for it and now many are opening their eyes. Obama is an infiltrator for the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to destroy Western Civilization from within the political structure. Hilary is their next plant.

Now you know why May is delaying your Brexit

ALL these politicians scratch each others back

Andrea Leadsom could not bring herself to being in a position to disappoint the Brexit supporters if Hillary became elected. So she stepped out of the PM race. It had Nothing to do with child bearing abilities or name calling!

If Hilary becomes elected, you Brits will lose Brexit. Theresa May will make sure of it

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